Employment Services

Aside from services rendered to job seekers , Job placement Centers are providing different facilities to industries and employers .

To run an effective and smooth job placement System , Employer is a key stake holder as [Journal of Labor Economics © 1996 The University of Chicago Press]

"Self-employed workers are less likely to be affected by implicit contracts, efficiency wages, and other forces that mute wage cyclicality and exacerbate employment cyclicality. This observation motivates our comparison of the cyclical experience of the self-employed with "wage and salary" workers who clearly have an employer. We find negligible or small differences in annual hours cyclicality between the two groups, but hourly wages and annual earnings are much more cyclical for the self-employed. These results are consistent with efficient contracting models where employers smooth workers' income without causing inefficiencies in hours of work"

So that we render following services to employers of not only local organization but also to International Professional seeker companies • Job Posting • Short Listing Candidates • Online CVs of 7,00,000 Professionals • SMS and Email Alerts

Services Details

Job Posting

Employer after getting register with us and building his company profile can post any sort of job on job placement Portal. This posted jobs shall be visible to more than 7,00,000 Professionals of different trades. Job Belonging to the seeker's trade will be automatically sent to his mobile through Auto SMS from where he can apply online. Applicant shall be directly searchable to employer

Short Listing Candidates

once job is posted online and candidates apply on this particular job, Employer can have access to profile of these candidates .Employer can

  • View Details of Candidate
  • Add notes on their profile for later user
  • Send them SMS
  • Shortlist them on different filters

Online CVs of 7,00,000 Professionals

Employer not only can download details of all the applicants of his jobs but can also view online details including their

  • Basic information
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Education History
  • Working History
  • and much more

Automatic SMS /Email Service

Aside from custom sms service, jobplacement.gov.pk will generate auto intelligent-sms to job seekers